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Asphalt Road Surfacing

We specialize in paving and resurfacing roads,vehicle parking areas, driveways, loading bays, play grounds. We pride ourselves of constructing glamorous, durable and impermeable tar and paving surfaces that do stand the test of time.We have been making roads in South Africa for over 12 years only delivering the best of paving quality.

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Road/Pavement Maintenance

We do repair work on all asphalt based roads. Services available include but not limited to pothole patching, edging repairs, resealing, fog spraying etc.
Roads, segmented pavings and driveways get damaged and weakens over time, our answer to this is the best repair service to your paved way provided by DVS.

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DVS carries out construction of segmented pavements on sidewalks, patios, swimming pool edgings and other platforms covered by pavements.Through proper planning and ground preparation we are able to deliver beautiful and well durable pavements on all our projects.Intended use, type of block and expected life-span are just some of the factors that we consider in shaping your dream pavement.


DVS Crosstops is a company founded by Dennis Vuyo Sibanda that specializes in asphalt/tar paving and brick paving.Among other services we offer is road construction, yard paving, parking bay construction, resurfacing, slurry seal, tennis court construction (sports facilities) and other civil works.


Extensive Experience

Whether it's a big job or very small backyard project, DVS has seen it all.We are well experienced to execute your project with ease why delivering stunning quality outcomes.

Professional Work

Here at DVS professionalism is the order of the day. When you hire us expect your work to be carried out in the most satisfying professional manner.

Quality Guaranteed

Quality runs through our veins.We have a team of qualified experts ready to face your construction project head-on producing the highest quality of civil works.

Morden Equipment

With the use of the latest technology in civil works equipment you are guaranteed to have your driveway or sports facility built in the best way and standard and exceeding the current construction standards.

Constructing driveways suitable for industrial, commercial and residential environments.

We do tennis courts, basketball courts and other multi purpose courts that have a stunning finish.

Block paving projects that will make you enjoy your environment. We offer projects that can stand the test of time and usage strains.

For stable and beautiful parking bays we are your go to company. We create them to your liking while also paying attention to quality detail of your parking lots.

Get a driveway that's durable while so attractive the eye. We make your home/complex or workspace journey interesting with flawless driveways.

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